Important Information

Here it is, the WordPress theme you’ve been waiting waiting for… if of course you’ve been looking for a WordPress petition based theme!

Petition Pro comes packed with features that will enable you to run a petition based website on WordPress. We have detailed a few on the features on this very page, simply click on the tabs on the left to discover more!

Got a gripe about something you want changing? Need to gather support from people who feel the same? Then Petition Pro is everything you need and more. The theme has been designed from the ground up to focus primarily on getting signatories for your featured petition. Use the 1-click installer to set the theme up in under 60 seconds and you’re away!

The main call to action above directs visitors straight to your petition where they enter their name and email address before committing to digitally sign the petition. They then choose whether or not to display their details on the website before submitting their signature. After they confirm their email address their signature is automatically added to the website.

Need to run more than 1 petition on the site? Not a problem, with Petition Pro to can run as many petitions as you want.

Managing your petitions and signatories is easy. The petition management admin option allows you to manage to your hearts content.

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